Applications, Payments and Deposits

The application can be found online through  or You should print off the application form from the Download Centre and fill it in and post it with a deposit cheque for either £250.00 or €350.00 made out to Adventure Alternative Ltd, and sent to the main office at 31 Myrtledene Road, Belfast BT8 6GQ, Northern Ireland. 

All clients will be receipted for any monies accepted and kept secure in a client account held in the UK. Clients should read and understand the booking terms and conditions.

Please contact us for correct information if you wish to make a bank transfer and ensure you put your name in the reference box when you make a bank transfer in order that we can trace all funds to the correct person. Payment can also be made online through our Paypal system

On receipt of your confirmation for the expedition you can pay instalments on the balance as long as all payments are finished by at least 8 weeks prior to your departure date. You do not need to bring any expedition money with you to Russia, other than personal expenses. All finances for your expedition will then be handled in-country by your guides Sasha and Andrey.

For details please refer to

Application Form

You can send this as an email or you can print it off and post it to our office in UK. To accompany the application must be a deposit of 250.00 pounds to Adventure Alternative Ltd, either by cheque or bankers draft or bank transfer.

Payment can also be made online through our Paypal system

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