Russian visas

Russian Visas - Information

The routine of processing Russian visas is known as difficult but we are able to make it smooth. We are a licensed tourist firm and can issue Russian visa papers for group and individual applications. This gives us a distinct advantage over all other groups.

1st stage – INFORMATION

We need to know from you the following information:

  • Your citizenship
  • Full name as spelt in your passport
  • Date of birth
  • Sex (sorry, sometime it is not evident for Russians knowing names only)
  • Passport data – number with ABC symbols if any, expiry date
  • Dates of your trip (include any extensions) – earliest date to enter Russia, latest day to leave Russia
  • Your E-mail or other contact info

Put this information on your application form or email it to us.
Look at

If you wish us to purchase your internal flight to Mineralnye Vody then scan your passport page and email it to us. 
You must do this at least 6 weeks prior to travel. 

If you need Russian tourist visa support only please fill the form at


2nd stage – APPLICATION for VISA

You will receive by email an invitation letter ( as a voucher/confirmation). Check your details on it first. Print it off. Note: this is not a visa ! It is only an invitation letter.

Take this paper along with your passport, photographs and the visa application form which you can download off our website. 

When you fill in the application check some of your answers alongside the ones we have prepared for you 

Find the nearest Russian Consulate to you and deliver application form, photos, invitation letter and visa fee to the Consulate. After a week or so you can collect your passport with the visa inside. 

The visa fee is currently £30 for British citizens applying to Russian Consulates in UK. There are different rates for other nationalities and in fees in Russian consulates in different countries. You will need to enquire from the Consulate. 

Postal applications. You can expect your visa back in ten days to two weeks time. Please check with the Consulate for the costs to add for postage. Post your documents off to the consulate and enclose a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate return postage. You are advised to use the Special Delivery Service, which guarantees next day delivery and compensation if the item gets lost.



3rd Stage - Arriving in Russia

On the plane -
You will be given a migration card to fill out, with normal personal details to be filled in for your arrival. Hand this in with your passport with the visa inside to the official. Collect bags and meet our staff in the airport concourse. They will have an Adventure Alternative sign with them.

The Russian Consulate in London is notoriously busy and queuing can take hours. From experience we have found that the Consulate in Scotland is less busy and you may wish to send your passport there instead.
Russian Consulate in Ireland 186, Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 14, Ireland 
Phone: +353 492-3492
Telex: (500) 33622 URSS EI 
Fax: +353 1 492-6938
Russian Consulate in England The Embassy of The Russian Federation,
Consular Section,
5 Kensington Palace Gardens,
London W8 4QS 
Tel: 0207 229 8027
Fax: 0207 229 3215
Open to personal callers on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between the hours of 09.00 and 11.30
 Edinburgh Consulate Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Edinburgh 
58 Melville Street, 
Edinburgh EH3 7HL
Telephone: 0131 225 7098, 
Fax: 0131 225 9587
If you are abroad and wish to find your nearest Consulate or would like more information on all Consulates please visit

Visa Services
You may wish to use a visa services company to take the time out of queuing. Simply give them all the papers and a fee to do it for you ! You can find many of these companies in the Yellow Pages or on the internet.

On Arrival at airport - 
You will fly into Sheremetevo Airport (or any other Russian international airport) and walk through the building to the customs section. There will be a number of queues for foreigners and it is a simple matter to hand over your passport and migration card there for stamping. usually our guest have nothing to declare and should walk through customs via green corridor. Entering meeting place please look for a man having ADVENTURE ALTYERNATIVE sign. We will take care about remaining part of your tour, just obey our orders and do not loose you passport and migration card.

In Country 
In Russian Law any foreigner must register their visa if he/she stays more than 3 days in one place. We will take care about this registration when you arrive but you MUST always be with your group and keep your passport and migration card on you at all times. This is important to remember since authorities can ask anytime to see your visa and migration card. At each area visited, it will be necessary to register your presence with the local Department. We will do this for you.