Scott Butler - The Mountain Calls

Scott Butler

29 июля в 7:31

The Mountain Calls

The Mountain Calls
and we know not why
Twin peaks; snow capped
reaching for the sky.

The sun beat down
as nations unite
Climbing the hills
as if training for a fight.

Then rain poured down
as the clouds drew close
Soaking our clothes as we asked
why did we not go the coast?

The climbs got harder
while feet grew sore
A team was forming
of that you can be sure!

Home now moved
to huts up high
Jamal has joined us
oh how we miss Wi-Fi!

We hike towards our goal
our skills forming
The wind blew strong
would it be tomorrow morning?

A new home we had
for one night it would be
The dunny was appalling
we didn't want to pee!

Excited and nervous
as the day began
Starting in darkness
guides, woman and man.

Polly! Polly!
we did go
With Sasha leading us
through ice, wind and snow.

Inner demons
we each fought back
Now the summit was looming
we dropped our backpacks.

Our hearts were pumping
atop the west peak we stood
With Europe below us
we'd all done good.

A family we now were
happy as can be 
We'd scaled one of the seven
and drunk lots of tea.

The Mountain calls
and we know not why
But friends we've made
in our efforts to reach for the sky.